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Sunteck Realty Limited
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Address Details

5th floor
Sunteck Centre
37-40 Subhash Road
Vile Parle East
Next to SBI
Mumbai Suburban

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Past Experience Details

Project Name
Type of Project
Land Area(In Sq mtrs)
CTS Number
Number of Buildings/Plot
Number of Apartments
Original Proposed Date of Completion
Actual Date of Completion
1Sunteck CentreCommercialNA2763.8Sunteck Centre 37-40 Subhash Road Vile Parle East Mumbai 400057CTS No 454, 454/1 and 2, 458/B, 458/B1 of village Vile Parle1152009-09-302009-12-31
2Sunteck GrandeurCommercialNA1287.1Sunteck Grandeur 42 S. V. Road near Andheri Subway Andheri West Mumbai 400 057CTS No 42 of Village Andheri1202013-03-282014-07-11

Member Information

Member Name Designation Photo
Atul Madhav Poopal Authorized Signatory View Photo
Kamal Shrigopal Khetan Managing Director View Photo
Rachana Vipul Hingarajia Company Secretory View Photo


Redevelopment of MCGB Staff Gilbird CHSL, Gilbird Hill Road, Andheri West
New Project
CTS No. 278/3
CTS No 278-4
CTS No 278-2
CTS No 280 Government land
Access Road
Mumbai Suburban
Gilbert Hill Road
Near Bhavan's Collage, Behind The Andheri Recreation Club

FSI Details


Bank Details

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Project Details

Name Proposed Booked WorkDone(In %)
Number of Garages ( In Numbers) 0 0 0
Covered Parking ( In Numbers) 89 59 0

Development Work

Common areas And Facilities, Amenities Available Percent Details
Internal Roads & Footpaths : NO 0 NA
Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting : YES 100 Completed
Energy management : NO 0 NA
Fire Protection And Fire Safety Requirements : YES 100 Completed
Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station : YES 100 Completed
Aggregate area of recreational Open Space : YES 0 Work not Started
Open Parking : YES 0 Work not Started
Water Supply : YES 100 Completed
Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank , STP) : YES 100 Completed
Storm Water Drains : YES 100 Completed
Landscaping & Tree Planting : YES 100 Completed
Street Lighting : NO 0 NA
Community Buildings : YES 100 Multipurpose Hall & Gym (No Separate Building)
Treatment And Disposal Of Sewage And Sullage Water : NO 0 NA
Solid Waste Management And Disposal : YES 100 Completed

Building Details

Sr.No. Project Name Name (Also mention identification of building/wing/other as per approved plan) Proposed Date of Completion Number of Basement's Number of Plinth Number of Podium's Number of Sanctioned Floors Number of Stilts Total no. of open Parking as per Sanctioned Plan (4-wheeler+2-Wheeler) Number of Closed Parking
1 Redevelopment of MCGB Staff Gilbird CHSL, Gilbird Hill Road, Andheri West 1st to 13th part floor, Phase-1 30/04/2022 0 1 1 14 1 20 89
Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (in Sqmts) Number of Apartment Number of Booked Apartment
1 1 BHK 48.59 1 0
2 2 BHK 55.65 5 1
3 2 BHK 57.69 5 1
4 2 BHK 61.78 5 3
5 2 BHK 62.34 1 0
6 2 BHK 62.89 5 1
7 2 BHK 64.29 1 1
8 2 BHK 65.31 10 2
9 2 BHK 65.77 1 0
10 3 BHK 82.50 2 1
11 3 BHK 82.78 1 0
12 3 BHK 82.87 1 0
13 1BHK 39.95 1 1
14 2 BHK (C) 47.75 3 0
15 1 BHK 45.34 6 1
Sr.No. Tasks / Activity Percentage of Work
1 Excavation 100
2 X number of Basement(s) and Plinth 100
3 X number of Podiums 100
4 Stilt Floor 100
5 X number of Slabs of Super Structure 100
6 Internal walls, Internal Plaster, Floorings within Flats/Premises, Doors and Windows to each of the Flat/Premises 100
7 Sanitary Fittings within the Flat/Premises,Electrical Fittings within the Flat/Premises 100
8 Staircases, Lifts Wells and Lobbies at each Floor level connecting Staircases and Lifts, Overhead and Underground Water Tanks. 100

The external plumbing and external plaster, elevation, completion of terraces with waterproofing of the Building/Wing

10 Installation of lifts, water pumps, Fire Fighting Fittings and Equipment as per CFO NOC, Electrical fittings to Common Areas, electro, mechanical equipment, Compliance to conditions of environment /CRZ NOC, Finishing to entrance lobby/s, plinth protection, paving of areas appurtenant to Building/Wing, Compound Wall and all other requirements as may be required to Obtain Occupation /Completion Certificate 100
11 Overall Percentage of Completion of the work done For the entire Building /Wing 100

Project Professional Information

Professional Name MahaRERA Certificate No. Professional Type
Studio Rakhi M Architecture & Interiors NA Architect
Gokani Consultants and Engineers LLP NA Engineer
S G Contruction Company NA Contractor
Narayan Ranu Rokade A51800017439 Real Estate Agent
KISHOR LAXMINARAYAN SHARMA A51700013913 Real Estate Agent
Ritesh Acchelal Gupta A51800019506 Real Estate Agent
VISHAL LALCHAND KHANAGWAL A99000029562 Real Estate Agent
Shailendar Singh Bailwal A51900007971 Real Estate Agent
Bilal Shelia A51700030654 Real Estate Agent
PRITESH GIRISHKUMAR MAKADIA A51800005203 Real Estate Agent
Sonal Sanjeev Gupta A51700029521 Real Estate Agent
DHANASHREE GIRISH GAJRA A99000013232 Real Estate Agent
Dharmesh Pankaj Panchal A51800024125 Real Estate Agent
Sunil Rajendra Yadav A51800025851 Real Estate Agent
SUSHIL YADAV A51700024742 Real Estate Agent
MANOJ KUMAR SHUKLA A99000018504 Real Estate Agent
Salim Merchant A51800011801 Real Estate Agent
UMESHKUMAR DHANRAJ CHAUHAN A99000016312 Real Estate Agent
Meenakshi Jitendra Chaurasia A51700027920 Real Estate Agent
AJAY LAXMIKANT DUBEY A51700000435 Real Estate Agent
YUSUF ANWAR KHAN A51700007347 Real Estate Agent
HITESH ESTATE CONSULTANCY A51800002731 Real Estate Agent
BHAWANAND MANIBHDRA THAKUR A51700014259 Real Estate Agent
VISHAL GUPTA A51800018770 Real Estate Agent
Home Bazaar Services Pvt Ltd A52000000045 Real Estate Agent
Chandan Tapeshwari Mishra A99000028403 Real Estate Agent
360 REALTORS LLP A51900000246 Real Estate Agent
Jaykumar Bheekhabhai Patel A51700017334 Real Estate Agent
SUNIL YADAV A51800029396 Real Estate Agent
SACHIN MOHAN MALAVADE A51900028570 Real Estate Agent
Sharad Bhanushali A51700015923 Real Estate Agent
BIRESHKUMAR BHAGAT A51900021228 Real Estate Agent
PRAVIN NARAYAN PUTHRAN A51700031898 Real Estate Agent
NIRAJ SHARMA A99000022322 Real Estate Agent
BDL Estate and Property A51900002831 Real Estate Agent
LAXMI DINESH JAISWAL A99000021051 Real Estate Agent
Pin Click Property Management Pvt Ltd. A52100012083 Real Estate Agent
Mumbai Aaxis Realty LLP A51800005249 Real Estate Agent
shailesh krishnadhar tiwari A51700009990 Real Estate Agent
Chander Lekhraj hirani A50500006931 Real Estate Agent
Chandra Prakash Jain A51800011989 Real Estate Agent
Nidhi Parth Gandhi A51800029412 Real Estate Agent
SUNTECK REALTORS A51800013108 Real Estate Agent
VICKY NANDLAL KOURANI A51800018045 Real Estate Agent
Anil Devnarayan Agarwal A51800000513 Real Estate Agent
VIPIN YASHPAL SHARMA A51700012408 Real Estate Agent
AMARENDRA SUNIL GOGATE A99000010245 Real Estate Agent
Shailesh Shekhar Kotian A51800015393 Real Estate Agent
Abhay kanojiya A99000015778 Real Estate Agent
THE MW GROUP A51700000482 Real Estate Agent
Tabrez Irshad Khan A51800023934 Real Estate Agent
JANARDAN VISHWAKARMA A51800011829 Real Estate Agent
Pooja Bajoria A51800029942 Real Estate Agent
JAYA PRADEEP MADHYANI A51700020151 Real Estate Agent
DHIRAJ THAKUR A51800018853 Real Estate Agent
Vijay Parmar A99000018622 Real Estate Agent
SUDHA AVINASH DHINGRA A51700006290 Real Estate Agent
Deepak Kumar Jha A51800016626 Real Estate Agent
Poonam Prakash Sharma A51900027536 Real Estate Agent
PRAKASH GOPAL LANE A99000019341 Real Estate Agent
RAMESH DEVENDRA JHA A99000008331 Real Estate Agent

Litigations Details

Uploaded Documents

Document Name Uploaded Document
1 Copy of the legal title report
1 Details of encumbrances
1 b Details of encumbrances concerned to Legal
1 Copy of Layout Approval (in case of layout)
1 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
2 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
3 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
4 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
5 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
6 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
7 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
8 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
9 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
10 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
11 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
12 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
13 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
14 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
1 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
2 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
3 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
4 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
5 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
6 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
1 Declaration about Commencement Certificate
1 Declaration in FORM B
1 Architect’s Certificate of Percentage of Completion of Work (Form 1)
2 Architect’s Certificate of Percentage of Completion of Work (Form 1)
3 Architect’s Certificate of Percentage of Completion of Work (Form 1)
4 Architect’s Certificate of Percentage of Completion of Work (Form 1)
5 Architect’s Certificate of Percentage of Completion of Work (Form 1)
1 Engineer’s Certificate on Cost Incurred on Project (Form 2)
1 Form 2A
2 Form 2A
3 Form 2A
4 Form 2A
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2020-21)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2021-22)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2022-23)
1 Disclosure of sold/ booked inventory
1 CERSAI details
1 Disclosure of Interest in Other Real Estate Organizations
1 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
2 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2018-19)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2019-20)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2020-21)
1 Proforma of Agreement for sale
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2021-22)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2022-23)
1 Proforma of Allotment letter
2 Proforma of Allotment letter
1 Occupancy Certificate/ Completion Certificate/ Architect's certificate of completion for plotted development
1 Architect’s Certificate on Completion of Project (Form 4)
1 Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/Co Op etc.)
1 Status of Conveyance
1 Other
2 Other
1 Other – Finance
1 Other – Technical
1 Foreclosure of the Project
1 Deviation Report with respect to Allotment letter
1 Deviation Report with respect to model copy of Agreement

Complaint Details

Sr.No. Complaint No Complainant Name
1 CC006000000198447 Sidaarth Sunil Shirali View Orders
2 CC006000000198447 Manasee Sidaarth Shiralli View Orders