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Oberoi Realty Limited
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Address Details

3rd Floor
Off Western Express Highway
Goregaon East
International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City
Mumbai Suburban

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Past Experience Details

Project Name
Type of Project
Land Area(In Sq mtrs)
CTS Number
Number of Buildings/Plot
Number of Apartments
Original Proposed Date of Completion
Actual Date of Completion
1Exquisite by Oberoi RealtyResidentialNA3116.79Exquisite Oberoi Garden City Off Western Express Highway Goregaon East Mumbai 400 063590/A/A/A/1 pt of Village Pahadi Goregaon38022014-12-312015-05-11
2Priviera by Oberoi RealtyResidentialNA264.80Priviera Junction of Sarojini Road and Main Avenue Road Santacruz West Mumbai Maharashtra 400 054415/B/1 of Village Bandra West Mumbai1122015-05-022015-05-02
3Commerz 2CommercialNA1790.30Commerz 2 International Business Park Oberoi Garden City Off Western Express Highway Goregaon East Mumbai 400 06395/4/B/3 of Village Dindoshi102013-12-312013-12-31

Member Information

Member Name Designation Photo
Saumil Daru Authorized Signatory View Photo
Rajendra Chandorkar Authorized Signatory View Photo
Rajesh Gaonkar Authorized Signatory View Photo


Elysian Tower A
New Project
95/4/B/4 pt of Village Dindoshi
95-4-B-4 pt of Village Dindoshi
95-4-B-4 pt of Village Dindoshi
95-4-B-4 pt of Village Dindoshi
95-4-B-4 pt of Village Dindoshi
Mumbai Suburban
Off Western Express Highway
Goregaon East

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Bank Details

Axis Bank Limited

Project Details

Name Proposed Booked WorkDone(In %)
Number of Garages ( In Numbers) NA NA 0
Covered Parking ( In Numbers) 769 NA 0

Development Work

Common areas And Facilities, Amenities Available Percent Details
Internal Roads & Footpaths : YES 0 Will be provided
Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting : YES 0 Will be provided
Energy management : YES 0 Will be provided
Fire Protection And Fire Safety Requirements : YES 0 Will be provided
Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station : YES 0 Will be provided as applicable
Portions of bsmnts LG grnd podiums in largerproperty incl under RE proj exclusively for NonResi user : YES 0 These shall not be available for REP allottees
Aggregate area of recreational Open Space : YES 0 To be provided as per provisions of DCR
Open Parking : NO 0 NA
Water Supply : YES 0 Will be provided
Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank , STP) : YES 0 Will be provided
Storm Water Drains : YES 0 Will be provided
Landscaping & Tree Planting : YES 0 Will be provided
Street Lighting : YES 0 Will be provided
Community Buildings : YES 0 Clubhouse common with Towers B & C (future phases)
Treatment And Disposal Of Sewage And Sullage Water : YES 0 Will be provided
Solid Waste Management And Disposal : YES 0 Will be provided

Building Details

Sr.No. Project Name Name Proposed Date of Completion Number of Basement's Number of Plinth Number of Podium's Number of Slab of Super Structure Number of Stilts Number of Open Parking Number of Closed Parking
1 Elysian Tower A Tower A 31/12/2026 3 1 5 70 2 0 769
Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (in Sqmts) Number of Apartment Number of Booked Apartment
1 3BHK 161.33 54 20
2 3BHK 162.23 55 22
3 3BHK 171.55 128 57
4 4BHK 222.99 128 79
Sr.No. Tasks / Activity Percentage of Work
1 Excavation 100
2 X number of Basement(s) and Plinth 100
3 X number of Podiums 5
4 Stilt Floor 100
5 X number of Slabs of Super Structure 10
6 Internal walls, Internal Plaster, Floorings within Flats/Premises, Doors and Windows to each of the Flat/Premises 0
7 Sanitary Fittings within the Flat/Premises,Electrical Fittings within the Flat/Premises 0
8 Staircases, Lifts Wells and Lobbies at each Floor level connecting Staircases and Lifts, Overhead and Underground Water Tanks. 0

The external plumbing and external plaster, elevation, completion of terraces with waterproofing of the Building/Wing

10 Installation of lifts, water pumps, Fire Fighting Fittings and Equipment as per CFO NOC, Electrical fittings to Common Areas, electro, mechanical equipment, Compliance to conditions of environment /CRZ NOC, Finishing to entrance lobby/s, plinth protection, paving of areas appurtenant to Building/Wing, Compound Wall and all other requirements as may be required to Obtain Occupation /Completion Certificate 0
11 Overall Percentage of Completion of the work done For the entire Building /Wing 31.5

Project Professional Information

Professional Name MahaRERA Certificate No. Professional Type
Sunil Arora NA Architect
Mehul Shah NA Engineer
TMG & ASSOCIATES NA Chartered Accountant
S R B C & CO LLP NA Chartered Accountant
Capacite Infraprojects Limited NA Contractor
Aditya Enterprises NA Contractor
A.A. Nayak Constructions Pvt. Ltd. NA Contractor
Leslie E. Robertson Associates Consulting Engineers (India) Pvt Ltd Structural Engineer NA Engineer
SEED Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. NA Other Professional
Meinhardt Façade Technology (S) Pte Ltd NA Other Professional
Walker Parking Consultants NA Other Professional
Fortune Consultants Ltd. NA Other Professional
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services NA Other Professional
EN3 Susstainability Solutions Pvt Ltd NA Other Professional
NILESH HARIOM JAIPURIA A51800011440 Real Estate Agent
MEENA H JAIPURIA A51800012894 Real Estate Agent
Jyoti Devendra Ghai A51800001153 Real Estate Agent
HARIOM CHHAGANLAL JAIPURIA A51800001384 Real Estate Agent
NRI Rental Services Pvt. Ltd A51800004949 Real Estate Agent
OPENMINDS A51800009280 Real Estate Agent
AMIT KISHOR WAGHELA A51800009452 Real Estate Agent
Rise And Above Properties A51800000115 Real Estate Agent
Janki Properties A51800001308 Real Estate Agent
Motilal Oswal Wealth Management Limited A51800000941 Real Estate Agent
BURI KALI MATA A51800011231 Real Estate Agent
Chandra Prakash Jain A51800011989 Real Estate Agent
Mumbai Property Exchange Pvt Ltd A51900000211 Real Estate Agent
nishant bajoria A51800002565 Real Estate Agent
RUPIYAA.COM A51800002924 Real Estate Agent
Simon Tuscano A51800009266 Real Estate Agent
Vijay Bahadur Singh A51700005760 Real Estate Agent
360 REALTORS LLP A51900000246 Real Estate Agent
Akshay Arun Narula A51800017819 Real Estate Agent
Homes For All Real Estate Pvt. Ltd. A51800028947 Real Estate Agent
SAVITA SANTHOSH AWALE A51800003260 Real Estate Agent
Brij Umesh Agrawal A51800002533 Real Estate Agent
JITENDRA MANGELAL GOEL A51800009672 Real Estate Agent
Kaushik Manharlal Shah A51800025360 Real Estate Agent
Narayan Ranu Rokade A51800017439 Real Estate Agent
shrish mahesh garg A51700017609 Real Estate Agent
PARASRAMPURIA ESTATE AGENCY A51800004257 Real Estate Agent
PARESH N AGARWAL A51700007721 Real Estate Agent
RAJESH TRILOKINATH BUTIA A51800000638 Real Estate Agent
REALSPACE ASSETS LLP A51800008100 Real Estate Agent
SAINATH ESTATE A51800012047 Real Estate Agent
SAVANI REALTY A51800004860 Real Estate Agent
Spacio Realtors And Advisors Pvt. Ltd. A51800009679 Real Estate Agent
TERRAA PROPEX PRIVATE LIMITED A51900000455 Real Estate Agent
Varun Shivkumar Narsaria A51800005902 Real Estate Agent
YOGESH ATMARAM CHANDGOTHIA A51800002404 Real Estate Agent
Wealthmill Consultancy LLP A51800028159 Real Estate Agent
Rabia A Shaikh A51800029248 Real Estate Agent

Litigations Details

Uploaded Documents

Document Name Uploaded Document
1 Copy of the legal title report
2 Copy of the legal title report
1 Details of encumbrances
1 Copy of Layout Approval (in case of layout)
1 Building Plan Approval / NA Order for plotted development
2 Building Plan Approval / NA Order for plotted development
1 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
1 Declaration in FORM B
1 CERSAI details
1 Proforma of the allotment letter and agreement for sale
1 Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/Co Op etc.)
1 Status of Conveyance
1 Other