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Vascon Engineers Ltd
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Address Details

Vascon Weikfield Chambers
Vascon Weikfield IT City Infopark
Pune-Nagar Road
Opp Hyatt Regency

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Past Experience Details

Project Name
Type of Project
Land Area(In Sq mtrs)
CTS Number
Number of Buildings/Plot
Number of Apartments
Original Proposed Date of Completion
Actual Date of Completion
1WillowsResidentialNA19191.64BanerS No 13, Hissa No 3,4,5,6,7,8-P,13/8/1,13/9,13/10,13/11,13B-P,13/13B/1,14,15,16,17,18,1961602013-11-302015-04-27
2EcoTowerCommercialNA4862.32Baner3/13/1, 3/13/21192014-08-202016-11-29
3Forest CountyResidentialNA207720KharadiSector No 1 of S No 40, S No 41 and S No 59188092017-12-312017-04-10
4ELA HadapsarResidentialNA6867.01HadapsarS No 169 Hissa No 1, 2, 3, 4 S No 170 Hissa No 1A, 1B, 2B, 3, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 6,7,8/1,8/22942014-12-312017-07-12
5Forest CountyResidentialNA207720KharadiSector No 1, Survey No 40, 41 and 59 188092017-12-312017-04-10

Member Information

Member Name Designation Photo
Siddharth Vasudevan Moorthy Authorized Signatory View Photo


Windermere Phase 1
On-Going Project
Plot Boundary
Phase 3 Plot
Podium Garden
North Main Road
Koregaon Park

FSI Details


Bank Details

Union Bank of India

Promoter(Land Owner/ Investor) Details

Project Name Promoter Name Promoter(Land Owner/ Investor) Type Type of Agreement/ Arrangement VIEW
Windermere Phase 1 Rajesh Builders Partnership Revenue Share View Details
Sr No. Document Name View
1 Upload Agreement / MoU Copy
2 Declaration in Form B

Project Details

Name Proposed Booked WorkDone(In %)
Number of Garages ( In Numbers) 0 0 0
Covered Parking ( In Numbers) 183 90 70

Development Work

Common areas And Facilities, Amenities Available Percent Details
Internal Roads & Footpaths : YES 70 Development in process
Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting : YES 100 Done
Energy management : YES 0 Not started
Fire Protection And Fire Safety Requirements : YES 100 Done
Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station : YES 100 Done
Gas Bank Piped Connection : YES 80 Work in progress
OWC : YES 50 Work in progress
Podium Garden : YES 100 Done
Swimming Pool : YES 100 Done
Aggregate area of recreational Open Space : YES 50 Development in process
Open Parking : YES 40 Development in process
Water Supply : YES 100 Done
Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank , STP) : YES 100 Done
Storm Water Drains : YES 100 Done
Landscaping & Tree Planting : YES 50 Development in process
Street Lighting : YES 50 Development in process
Community Buildings : YES 70 Club house Structure ready. Finishing in Process
Treatment And Disposal Of Sewage And Sullage Water : YES 0 STP installed. Not working since Occupancy is low
Solid Waste Management And Disposal : YES 0 Not started

Building Details

Sr.No. Project Name Name (Also mention identification of building/wing/other as per approved plan) Proposed Date of Completion Number of Basement's Number of Plinth Number of Podium's Number of Sanctioned Floors Number of Stilts Total no. of open Parking as per Sanctioned Plan (4-wheeler+2-Wheeler) Number of Closed Parking
1 Windermere Phase 1 Tower 2 23/03/2018 1 1 1 22 1 0 183
Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (in Sqmts) Number of Apartment Number of Booked Apartment
1 4BHKc 215.17 1 1
2 4BHKd 211.47 1 1
3 4BHKf 209.06 1 0
4 4BHKg 226.58 2 2
5 4BHKi 224.80 1 1
6 4BHKj 224.66 1 0
7 5BHK 311.25 1 1
8 4BHKk 211.89 1 1
9 Duplex 280.17 2 0
10 Penthouse1 404.86 1 1
11 Penthouse3 405.66 1 0
12 Penthouse 2 318.65 1 1
13 4BHKe 212.61 1 1
14 4BHKb 226.17 13 12
15 3BHK 178.87 13 11
16 4BHKh 222.56 2 2
17 4BHKa 222.40 13 10
Sr.No. Tasks / Activity Percentage of Work
1 Excavation 100
2 X number of Basement(s) and Plinth 100
3 X number of Podiums 100
4 Stilt Floor 100
5 X number of Slabs of Super Structure 100
6 Internal walls, Internal Plaster, Floorings within Flats/Premises, Doors and Windows to each of the Flat/Premises 54
7 Sanitary Fittings within the Flat/Premises,Electrical Fittings within the Flat/Premises 40
8 Staircases, Lifts Wells and Lobbies at each Floor level connecting Staircases and Lifts, Overhead and Underground Water Tanks. 90

The external plumbing and external plaster, elevation, completion of terraces with waterproofing of the Building/Wing

10 Installation of lifts, water pumps, Fire Fighting Fittings and Equipment as per CFO NOC, Electrical fittings to Common Areas, electro, mechanical equipment, Compliance to conditions of environment /CRZ NOC, Finishing to entrance lobby/s, plinth protection, paving of areas appurtenant to Building/Wing, Compound Wall and all other requirements as may be required to Obtain Occupation /Completion Certificate 100
11 Overall Percentage of Completion of the work done For the entire Building /Wing 88.4

Project Professional Information

Professional Name MahaRERA Certificate No. Professional Type
Sandeep Hardikar NA Architect
Vastech Consultants Pvt Ltd NA Engineer
Deepak Inamdar NA Other Professional
Madhusudhan Murthy NA Other Professional
Shalini Bhatnagar NA Other Professional
Bhajan Mandal NA Contractor
Amruta Enterprise NA Contractor
Hiraman Pal NA Contractor
360 REALTORS LLP A51900000246 Real Estate Agent
Vijay Anand A52100000084 Real Estate Agent
PROPBUYING REALTORS PVT LTD A52100000476 Real Estate Agent
PROPBUYING REALTORS PVT LTD A52100000476 Real Estate Agent
Satish Iswargir Dandegaonkar A52100000567 Real Estate Agent
Big Deal Properties (India) Pvt. Ltd A52100000579 Real Estate Agent
A K Properties A52100000622 Real Estate Agent
Vivek G Pungaliya A52100000690 Real Estate Agent
Anil Ashok Ahuja A52100001135 Real Estate Agent
Govind Hassanand Bhagchandani A52100001827 Real Estate Agent
Rajendra Kashiram Chavan A52100001915 Real Estate Agent
vinod inderlal jessani A52100002287 Real Estate Agent
Subhash Chandrakant Sonkamble A52100002477 Real Estate Agent
BALU ANANDA LABADE A52100002620 Real Estate Agent
DIPEN LOOMBA A52100002949 Real Estate Agent
WISTERIA REAL VISION PVT LTD A52100003089 Real Estate Agent
ASHISH MODI A52100003744 Real Estate Agent
VICKY ASHOK GAIKWAD A52100004034 Real Estate Agent
Nimbleland Infracon LLP A52100004080 Real Estate Agent
JANET DORAIRAJ A52100004089 Real Estate Agent
AMOL MARUTI PHIRANGE A52100004147 Real Estate Agent
Sanjay Annasaheb Mulay A52100004187 Real Estate Agent
Pramod Pandurang Potpelwar A52100004660 Real Estate Agent
SMITA SURESH THAKKAR A52100005418 Real Estate Agent
Anish Jiwa A52100006790 Real Estate Agent
Nadir Badruddin Nilgiriwala A52100007548 Real Estate Agent
BHARAT DNYANDEO GHOLAP A52100008609 Real Estate Agent
Apna Ghar Lifespaces LLP A52100008848 Real Estate Agent
Rightfeat Consulting Private Limited A50500000195 Real Estate Agent
Fairdeal Realtors Pvt Ltd A51800000177 Real Estate Agent
Sure Shot Suggestions India Pvt. Ltd., A51800000557 Real Estate Agent
ICICI Home Finance Company Limited A51800000727 Real Estate Agent
DINESH SHYAM DUBEY A51800003129 Real Estate Agent
MAX REALTORS A51800004021 Real Estate Agent
Gautam Ashok Rao A51800004146 Real Estate Agent
Jagjit Dilip Singh Arora A51800004330 Real Estate Agent
GANESH RAMESH DHANAWADE A51800009932 Real Estate Agent
ANAROCK Property Consultants Pvt. Ltd. A51900000108 Real Estate Agent
360 REALTORS LLP A51900000246 Real Estate Agent
FANM Property Services Pvt Ltd A52000000045 Real Estate Agent
RELATION GROUP A52000001070 Real Estate Agent
UNIVERSAL SHELTER LLP A52000008152 Real Estate Agent
NILESH NIVRUTTI SAYKAR A52100000003 Real Estate Agent
UMESH RAMESH PAWAR A52100000006 Real Estate Agent
GLOBAL REALTORS A52100000018 Real Estate Agent
Amit Satpal Gogia A52100000021 Real Estate Agent
Premlata Estate Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A52100000033 Real Estate Agent
Shalini Ravi Varma A52100000047 Real Estate Agent
KEY2HOME PROPERTY ADVISORS A52100000051 Real Estate Agent
NIKHIL JAIN A52100000055 Real Estate Agent
SHAILESH PRAKASH DESHMUKH A52100000067 Real Estate Agent
Vijay Anand A52100000084 Real Estate Agent
SUNIL SUDHAKAR PATIL A52100000091 Real Estate Agent
Ameeth Kothari A52100000092 Real Estate Agent
Ameeth Kothari A52100000092 Real Estate Agent
Nitesh Roop Narayan Khare A52100000106 Real Estate Agent
Addressofchoice Realty Pvt Ltd A52100000116 Real Estate Agent
RENU SINGH A52100000118 Real Estate Agent
Paresh Lachman Hardwani A52100000163 Real Estate Agent

Litigations Details

Project Name Court Name Case Number Case Type Preventive/Injunction/Interim Order is Passed? Petition Name Other Petition Details Year Present Status Documents
Windermere Phase 1 In the Court of Civil Judge Senior Division Pune SPCS/131/2016 Civil No Suit NA 2016 Suit is pending for hearing of Temporary Injunction Application

Uploaded Documents

Document Name Uploaded Document
1 Copy of the legal title report
1 Details of encumbrances
1 b Details of encumbrances concerned to Legal
1 Copy of Layout Approval (in case of layout)
2 Copy of Layout Approval (in case of layout)
1 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
2 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
1 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
2 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
3 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
4 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
1 Declaration about Commencement Certificate
1 Declaration in FORM B
1 Certificates of Architect (Form 1)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
1 Certificates of Engineer (Form 2)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2021-22)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2019-20)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2020-21)
1 Proforma of Allotment letter
1 Proforma of Agreement for sale
1 Disclosure of sold/ booked inventory
1 CERSAI details
1 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2018-19)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2019-20)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2020-21)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2021-22)
1 Occupancy Certificate/ Completion Certificate/ Architect's certificate of completion for plotted development
1 Certificates of Architect (Form 4)
1 Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/Co Op etc.)
1 Status of Conveyance
1 Other
2 Other
3 Other
4 Other
1 Other – Finance
1 Other – Technical
1 Foreclosure of the Project
1 Deviation Report with respect to model copy of Agreement
1 Deviation Report with respect to Allotment letter