MahaRERA Application

General Information

Other Than Individual


Dhaval Housing AOP
Association of Persons
Do you have any Past Experience ?

Address Details

Jn. of Juhu Tara Rd & SV Rd
Santacruz West
Above Standard Chartered Bank
Mumbai Suburban

Organization Contact Details


Past Experience Details

Project Name
Type of Project
Land Area(In Sq mtrs)
CTS Number
Number of Buildings/Plot
Number of Apartments
Original Proposed Date of Completion
Actual Date of Completion
1Spring View CHSLResidentialNA586.40Parekh Nagar Kandivali West1104/41142003-02-242003-02-24
2Sunrise Orlem Tower 1ResidentialNA242.11Sunder Lane Malad westCTS no 438 etc1282012-12-142012-12-14
3Sunville CHSLResidentialNA6698th Rd JVPD Scheme Vile Parle WestCTS no 231182006-10-202006-10-20
4Sunrise KandivaliResidentialNA172.78Near Adukia School Kandivali WestCTS no 349/A/B/A11242006-08-102006-08-10

Other Organization Type Member Information

Name Member Type
Sanjaykumar Kanakrai Parekh Individual
Hiralal Jethalal Parikh Partnership


Sunrise Orlem 2A Phase 1
On-Going Project
CTS no 438A, 438B, 438D, 438E, 439
Sunrise Orlem 2B
CTS no 438k
Sunrise Orlem Tower 1
Rehab Building SRA
Mumbai Suburban

FSI Details


Bank Details

The Bharat Cooperative Bank Ltd

Project Details

Name Proposed Booked WorkDone(In %)
Number of Garages ( In Numbers) 0 0 0
Covered Parking ( In Numbers) 84 11 13

Development Work

Common areas And Facilities, Amenities Available Percent Details
Internal Roads & Footpaths : NO 0 NA
Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting : YES 100 DONE
Energy management : NO 0 The STP plant will be ready before possession
Fire Protection And Fire Safety Requirements : YES 100 DONE
Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station : YES 100 DONE
Aggregate area of recreational Open Space : NO 0 NA
Open Parking : NO 0 will be completed before possession for phase 1
Water Supply : YES 100 Water main line laid
Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank , STP) : YES 100 LInes laid
Storm Water Drains : YES 100 DONE
Landscaping & Tree Planting : YES 100 DONE
Street Lighting : NO 0 NA
Community Buildings : NO 0 as per SWDremark
Treatment And Disposal Of Sewage And Sullage Water : NO 0 NA
Solid Waste Management And Disposal : NO 0 the final layout will comprise of internal street

Building Details

Sr.No. Project Name Name (Also mention identification of building/wing/other as per approved plan) Proposed Date of Completion Number of Basement's Number of Plinth Number of Podium's Number of Sanctioned Floors Number of Stilts Total no. of open Parking as per Sanctioned Plan (4-wheeler+2-Wheeler) Number of Closed Parking
1 Sunrise Orlem 2A Phase 1 Sunrise Orlem 2A 30/12/2020 0 1 5 23 1 0 39
Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (in Sqmts) Number of Apartment Number of Booked Apartment
1 Duplex Type 2 138.73 1 1
2 DUPLEX TYPE 1 148.91 1 1
3 3 BHK Type 1 103.00 18 14
4 3 BHK type 2 102.68 21 12
Sr.No. Tasks / Activity Percentage of Work
1 Excavation 100
2 X number of Basement(s) and Plinth 100
3 X number of Podiums 0
4 Stilt Floor 100
5 X number of Slabs of Super Structure 100
6 Internal walls, Internal Plaster, Floorings within Flats/Premises, Doors and Windows to each of the Flat/Premises 100
7 Sanitary Fittings within the Flat/Premises,Electrical Fittings within the Flat/Premises 100
8 Staircases, Lifts Wells and Lobbies at each Floor level connecting Staircases and Lifts, Overhead and Underground Water Tanks. 100

The external plumbing and external plaster, elevation, completion of terraces with waterproofing of the Building/Wing

10 Installation of lifts, water pumps, Fire Fighting Fittings and Equipment as per CFO NOC, Electrical fittings to Common Areas, electro, mechanical equipment, Compliance to conditions of environment /CRZ NOC, Finishing to entrance lobby/s, plinth protection, paving of areas appurtenant to Building/Wing, Compound Wall and all other requirements as may be required to Obtain Occupation /Completion Certificate 100
11 Overall Percentage of Completion of the work done For the entire Building /Wing 90

Project Professional Information

Professional Name MahaRERA Certificate No. Professional Type
Sanjay Neve NA Architect
Shree Ramdev Enterprises NA Contractor
Design Studio Ahmedabad NA Architect
Hiren Tanna NA Engineer
Rajesh Parekh NA Other Professional
JM Financial Products Limited A51900000277 Real Estate Agent
RAJESH KANAKRAI PAREKH A51800005302 Real Estate Agent
360 REALTORS LLP A51900000246 Real Estate Agent
Centrum REMA LLP A51800011292 Real Estate Agent
Thacker & Ass NA Chartered Accountant
Thacker Butala Desai NA Chartered Accountant
DHANKAR INFRASTRUCTURE a51800009358 Real Estate Agent
LATIYAL ASSOCIATES A51800007942 Real Estate Agent
Anil Baban Gaikwad A51800006403 Real Estate Agent
JADE BRICKS REALTY SOLUTIONS A51800001824 Real Estate Agent
Rajeev Trilokinath Butia A51800000674 Real Estate Agent
Anoop Wadhwa A51800000935 Real Estate Agent
MANOJ BALDEV SWETTA A51800016249 Real Estate Agent
Rajesh Nagji Gala A51800001991 Real Estate Agent
Gulabchand Keshavji Vora A51800012796 Real Estate Agent
JITENDRA SHANTILAL PAREKH A51800006650 Real Estate Agent
KULDEEP YADAV A51800003459 Real Estate Agent
Harish Bhimsen Khanna A51800005028 Real Estate Agent
Yash Estate Service A51800001193 Real Estate Agent
Kailash Shrikrishna Yadav A51800005435 Real Estate Agent
MANUBHAI NARSIDAS MEHTA A51800000702 Real Estate Agent
RAMHARSH NAVMILAL RAWAT A51700014728 Real Estate Agent
amarendra kumar singh A51800006780 Real Estate Agent
SHIVANI NAUDIYAL A51800008451 Real Estate Agent
AADITYA REALTORS A51800000286 Real Estate Agent
Girish Nandkishor Tulsulkar A51800016966 Real Estate Agent
HILTON REALTORS A51800005864 Real Estate Agent
Carpet Realty A51800005311 Real Estate Agent
Shree Ganesh Estate Consultancy A51800007866 Real Estate Agent
NILESH SHAH A51800003105 Real Estate Agent
SAURABH VINEET MITTAL A51800002572 Real Estate Agent
Dilip V Bhandare A51800006963 Real Estate Agent
NEERAJ LULLIYA A51800006522 Real Estate Agent
DIPAK RAMNIKLAL SAVLA A51800010001 Real Estate Agent
KNOX REALTORS A51800000278 Real Estate Agent
KRISHNA ASSOCIATES A51800002540 Real Estate Agent
HITESH BHARAT NAYAK A51900007686 Real Estate Agent
Dilip Arvindbhai Mehta A51800011618 Real Estate Agent
JITENDRA VASANTLAL SANGHAVI A51800000757 Real Estate Agent
RAJESH MAYACHAND DOSHI A51800000864 Real Estate Agent
K.K.ASSOCIATE A51800001130 Real Estate Agent
BENCH MARK REALTORS A51800007281 Real Estate Agent
Parag Jitendra Mehta A51800013031 Real Estate Agent
KETAN GANDHI A51800000734 Real Estate Agent
DREAMZ REALTY CONCEPT A51900005334 Real Estate Agent
HITESH BHAGWANJI KHERDIYA A51800014752 Real Estate Agent
Asha Madhwani A51900007066 Real Estate Agent
RAJIV KANAKRAI BAVISI A51900012410 Real Estate Agent
Mumbai Space Realty LLP A51800004371 Real Estate Agent
Flat Earth Realty Pvt. Ltd. A51800010578 Real Estate Agent
NOOR ASHRAF KHAN A51800005878 Real Estate Agent
Gopi Rangaswamy Gowda A51800019709 Real Estate Agent
Liviohomz Private Limited A52100002868 Real Estate Agent
NARESH KUMAR BOTHRA A51700000341 Real Estate Agent
JADE BRICKS REALTY SOLUTIONS A51800001824 Real Estate Agent

Litigations Details

Project Name Court Name Case Number Case Type Preventive/Injunction/Interim Order is Passed? Petition Name Other Petition Details Year Present Status Documents
Sunrise Orlem 2A Phase 1 City Civil Court 202013 of 2015 Civil No Suit NA 2015 No Restraining Order has been passed

Uploaded Documents

Document Name Uploaded Document
1 Copy of the legal title report
2 Copy of the legal title report
1 Details of encumbrances
1 b Details of encumbrances concerned to Legal
1 Copy of Layout Approval (in case of layout)
1 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
2 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
3 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
4 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
1 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
2 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
3 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
1 Declaration about Commencement Certificate
1 Declaration in FORM B
1 Certificates of Architect (Form 1)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
1 Certificates of Engineer (Form 2)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
1 Form 2A
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2020-21)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2021-22)
1 Disclosure of sold/ booked inventory
1 CERSAI details
1 Disclosure of Interest in Other Real Estate Organizations
1 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
2 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
3 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2018-19)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2019-20)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2020-21)
1 Proforma of Agreement for sale
1 Proforma of Allotment letter
2 Proforma of Allotment letter
3 Proforma of Allotment letter
1 Occupancy Certificate/ Completion Certificate/ Architect's certificate of completion for plotted development
1 Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/Co Op etc.)
1 Status of Conveyance
1 Other – Legal
1 Other – Finance
1 Other – Technical
1 Foreclosure of the Project
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2021-22)
1 Deviation Report with respect to Allotment letter
1 Deviation Report with respect to model copy of Agreement