MahaRERA Application

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Vasudev Chhataram Wadhwa

Address For Official Communication

Plot No.C-59, G Block
Bandra- Kurla Complex, Bandra - East
Mumbai Suburban

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Evergreen Heights
On-Going Project
CTS No.185
Plot bearing CTS No 102
Plot bearing CTS No 186 and Nalla
Plot bearing CTS No 102
Central Railway Line
Thane (M Corp.)

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Project Details

Name Proposed Booked WorkDone(In %)
Number of Garages ( In Numbers) 0 0 0
Covered Parking ( In Numbers) 133 128 100

Development Work

Common areas And Facilities, Amenities Available Percent Details
Internal Roads & Footpaths : NO 0 NA
Internal Roads & Footpaths : NO 0 NA
Water Conservation, Rain water Harvesting : YES 100 Rain Water Harvesting as per Consultant Remarks
Energy management : YES 100 Power Supply by MSEB
Fire Protection And Fire Safety Requirements : YES 100 As per CFO NOC
Electrical Meter Room, Sub-Station, Receiving Station : YES 100 Sub Station / Transformer
Fitness Center : YES 100 Gymnasium
Scooter Parking : YES 100 155 numbers
Society Office : YES 100 For Society/ Manager
Swimming pool : YES 100 Work In Progress
Aggregate area of recreational Open Space : YES 100 Ground and Top Podium Level
Open Parking : YES 100 NA
Water Supply : YES 100 Connection after OC by TMC
Sewerage (Chamber, Lines, Septic Tank , STP) : YES 100 Septic Tank
Storm Water Drains : YES 100 AS per SWD Remarks
Landscaping & Tree Planting : YES 100 On Ground and Podium
Street Lighting : NO 0 NA
Community Buildings : NO 0 NA
Treatment And Disposal Of Sewage And Sullage Water : NO 0 NA
Solid Waste Management And Disposal : NO 0 NA

Building Details

Sr.No. Project Name Name (Also mention identification of building/wing/other as per approved plan) Proposed Date of Completion Number of Basement's Number of Plinth Number of Podium's Number of Sanctioned Floors Number of Stilts Total no. of open Parking as per Sanctioned Plan (4-wheeler+2-Wheeler) Number of Closed Parking
1 Evergreen Heights Evergreen Heights 31/12/2018 1 1 2 31 1 4 133
Sr.No. Apartment Type Carpet Area (in Sqmts) Number of Apartment Number of Booked Apartment
1 1BHK 43.40 16 16
2 1BHK 40.46 24 24
3 2BHK 51.34 51 41
4 2BHK 55.77 40 25
5 1BHK 40.06 24 24
Sr.No. Tasks / Activity Percentage of Work
1 Excavation 100
2 X number of Basement(s) and Plinth 100
3 X number of Podiums 100
4 Stilt Floor 100
5 X number of Slabs of Super Structure 100
6 Internal walls, Internal Plaster, Floorings within Flats/Premises, Doors and Windows to each of the Flat/Premises 100
7 Sanitary Fittings within the Flat/Premises,Electrical Fittings within the Flat/Premises 100
8 Staircases, Lifts Wells and Lobbies at each Floor level connecting Staircases and Lifts, Overhead and Underground Water Tanks. 100

The external plumbing and external plaster, elevation, completion of terraces with waterproofing of the Building/Wing

10 Installation of lifts, water pumps, Fire Fighting Fittings and Equipment as per CFO NOC, Electrical fittings to Common Areas, electro, mechanical equipment, Compliance to conditions of environment /CRZ NOC, Finishing to entrance lobby/s, plinth protection, paving of areas appurtenant to Building/Wing, Compound Wall and all other requirements as may be required to Obtain Occupation /Completion Certificate 100
11 Overall Percentage of Completion of the work done For the entire Building /Wing 100

Project Professional Information

Professional Name MahaRERA Certificate No. Professional Type
Spaceage Consultants NA Architect
Shree Balaji Constructions Civil Contractor NA Contractor
Unique Power Group Electrical Contractor NA Contractor
S P Enterprises Plumbing Contractor NA Contractor
Om Enterprises Fire Fighting Contractor NA Contractor
Niranjan Pandya NA Engineer
Johnson Lifts Pvt Ltd Lift Contractor NA Contractor
A Plus Architects Plus Planner NA Architect
MEP Consulting Engineers NA Other Professional
BALASAHEB PANDURANG ILAG A51700001338 Real Estate Agent
Sureka Ventures Pvt. Ltd. A51900002921 Real Estate Agent
NARAYAN REALTORS A51800002095 Real Estate Agent
Sandesh Shantaram Nikam A51700002381 Real Estate Agent
NILESH KISHOR CHATWANI A51800001674 Real Estate Agent
New Project Deals A51900003045 Real Estate Agent
EPROPERTY PRIVATE LIMITED A51700001737 Real Estate Agent
ISHWAR SANGALAD A51700000393 Real Estate Agent
SHARAD MOHTA A51700003697 Real Estate Agent
Subrato Mittra A51800001934 Real Estate Agent
SURESH DATTATRAY KARKHANIS A51700000971 Real Estate Agent
Sky Realty A51900003087 Real Estate Agent
Sanjay Wadhwa A51900001808 Real Estate Agent
Mukesh Enterprises A51900003032 Real Estate Agent
KIRIT SHAH A51900001673 Real Estate Agent
Chandrajeet R Yadav A51900002990 Real Estate Agent
NITIN NATVARLAL PANCHAL A51800002871 Real Estate Agent
Ravinder Singh Chiount A51700002331 Real Estate Agent
Haresh Lokumal Serai A51800000504 Real Estate Agent
MANISH VASANT THAKKAR A51800002777 Real Estate Agent
RAJANI PROPERTY CONSULTANTS A51900001345 Real Estate Agent
Kapil Bharat Ganatra A51800000546 Real Estate Agent
PropSolution A51700001536 Real Estate Agent
Punit Praful Bhatt A51700002285 Real Estate Agent
RAJESH MITHALAL JAIN A51900001623 Real Estate Agent
RAJESH JAGMOHANDAS GANDHI A51800002479 Real Estate Agent
RAJIV NIHALCHAND JAIN A51900000070 Real Estate Agent
RAMESH GUJJA A51800000610 Real Estate Agent
We Plan It A51800001344 Real Estate Agent
Paresh Dhirajlal Valia A51900000405 Real Estate Agent
Mayur Sukanraj Mehta A51900001474 Real Estate Agent
PUNIT GOPALRAI AGARWAL A51800004691 Real Estate Agent
parveen shaikh A51800005236 Real Estate Agent
Taraknath Harihar Tiwari A51900001592 Real Estate Agent
Bhaavin Doshii A51800004981 Real Estate Agent
BHARAT VEERARAGHAVAN A51800002519 Real Estate Agent
HARISHKUMAR MODI A51800005382 Real Estate Agent
KAMAL KUMAR NARSARIA A51800000877 Real Estate Agent
PRADIP MANOHAR NAIK A51800005927 Real Estate Agent
QUICK HOMES PROPERTY ADVISORY A51800005188 Real Estate Agent
Yash Estate Service A51800001193 Real Estate Agent
Spacio Realtors And Advisors Pvt. Ltd. A51800009679 Real Estate Agent
SAMIR HARISH CHHEDA A51800001118 Real Estate Agent
FITRR Technologies Pvt Ltd. A51800001324 Real Estate Agent
RAMESH RAMULU SAIVE A51900009704 Real Estate Agent
RAMESH GHANSHYAMDAS VASVANI A51900006807 Real Estate Agent
Manisha Lifespaces Consulting Pvt. Ltd. A51800008040 Real Estate Agent
Vaishali Palan A51800011074 Real Estate Agent
Rahul Puri A51700009175 Real Estate Agent
RAMNIVAS SRIRAM GAUD A51800008154 Real Estate Agent
Pramod Ratan Sethi A52000012391 Real Estate Agent
CENTRAL PROPERTIES A51800004011 Real Estate Agent
Jai Mata Di Real Estate A51800006655 Real Estate Agent
NARANG ENTERPRISES A51900009937 Real Estate Agent
L LACHHMANDAS & CO. A51900009850 Real Estate Agent
NARANG ESTATES A51800010613 Real Estate Agent
RUCHI KISHORE NARANG A51900007019 Real Estate Agent
SANAT ASHOK NARANG A51900001583 Real Estate Agent
Shreekumar Kalayil Menon A51900010418 Real Estate Agent
JAI VASHDEV NAGPAL A51800000007 Real Estate Agent
VAIBHAV PADMAKAR SHETYE A51700015702 Real Estate Agent

Litigations Details

Uploaded Documents

Document Name Uploaded Document
1 Copy of the legal title report
1 Details of encumbrances
1 b Details of encumbrances concerned to Legal
1 Copy of Layout Approval (in case of layout)
1 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
2 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
3 Building Plan Approval (IOD)
1 Commencement Certificates / NA Order for plotted development
1 Declaration about Commencement Certificate
1 Declaration in FORM B
1 Certificates of Architect (Form 1)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
2 Certificates of Architect (Form 1)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
3 Certificates of Architect (Form 1)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
4 Certificates of Architect (Form 1)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
1 Certificates of Engineer (Form 2)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
2 Certificates of Engineer (Form 2)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
3 Certificates of Engineer (Form 2)(Mandatory for only ongoing project)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2019-20)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2020-21)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2021-22)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2022-23)
1 Engineers Certificate on Quality Assurance (Form 2A FY 2023-24)
1 Disclosure of sold/ booked inventory
1 CERSAI details
1 Disclosure of Interest in Other Real Estate Organizations
1 Certificates of CA (Form 5)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2018-19)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2019-20)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2020-21)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2021-22)
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2022-23)
1 Proforma of Agreement for sale
1 Annual Audit Report of Statutory CA (Form 5) (FY 2023-24)
1 Proforma of Allotment letter
1 Occupancy Certificate/ Completion Certificate/ Architect's certificate of completion for plotted development
1 Certificates of Architect (Form 4)
1 Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/Co Op etc.)
2 Status of Formation of Legal Entity (Society/Co Op etc.)
1 Status of Conveyance
1 Other
1 Other – Finance
1 Other – Technical
1 Foreclosure of the Project
1 Deviation Report with respect to Allotment letter
1 Deviation Report with respect to model copy of Agreement

Complaint Details

Sr.No. Complaint No Complainant Name
1 CC006000000044500 Arif Ansari View Orders
2 CC006000000055717 Mr Ankush K Malhotra View Orders
3 CC006000000196662 NINAD RANE View Orders